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    1. Sneha, if you follow the steps appropriately, the linking should be successful. Your name in the PAN database may not be exactly as printed on your PAN card. If you account already on the income tax portal, please refer that for the exact name. Feel free to reply here if you still face the same issue.

      1. I have only first name in all my documents and aadhar but in my pan card my first name and surname are both Can I drop my surname in pan card ?

      1. You will only get that error of the names are really not matching. As I have mentioned earlier here, your printed name on the PAN card might be matching with the name on the AADHAAR, but your name in the PAN database might be different. If your name on AADHAAR is the correct one, I would suggest you get your PAN updated with AADHAAR verification method.

  1. Hello, Mr Vishal.

    I have the exact same name in both PAN and Aadhar, but it has still given me the name-mismatch error. any idea how to proceed?
    i visited an Aadhar centre but they were not helpful.

    1. The name printed on the PAN card may not be the name you actually have in the record. I have the same problem (however, I have linked my PAN AADHAAR long back with available options). My name in PAN record is something like [FIRSTNAME][FATHERSNAME][LASTNAME] and printed name on PAN card is [FIRSTNAME][LASTNAME] which is matching with my AADHAAR name [FIRSTNAME][LASTNAME]. However, I was still not able to link it directly.
      The solution for you: If your AADHHAR name is correct, get your PAN card updated with correct name (you can do it online using AADHAAR easily if you have your mobile number registered in AADHAAR and you have access to it). Post that, you can link it without any hassle.